The Ranch

Excellent Horse Breeding and Boarding Facility! Conveniently located just off Highway 401, only five minutes to Woodstock, and twenty minutes to London! Give us a call for availability!

Large Indoor 120 X 70 arena
Large fenced in outdoor arena with plenty of lush pasture and oak board paddocks.
Ride right off the property, miles & miles of trails to enjoy!

All disciplines welcome!

Large clean stalls, includes daily turnout.

Nice mature atmosphere, best of care!

Indoor Board – Full care including use of all facilities. (No need to book the arena, small and quaint facility!) All inclusive of hay – $425/HST included!

Outdoor Board – Full care including full use of facilities – all inclusive of hay – $325/HST included!

“Grady….loaded up and ready for the road!”

At Fieldstone Farm all our stock is bred to be “Cutters”!

A Closer Look at the Ranch on Fieldstone Farm 

Horses are amazing animals. With their speed and strength, they can definitely be considered competitive animals. They also tend to be loyal to their owners despite their competitive nature. Horses are also a joy to take care of since they can be easily trained. 

Considering the fact that they are huge, horses need a lot of space to move in. In order to not feel restrained, horses need a massive space where they can run, feed, and play with the other horses. With that, a ranch is perfect for horses. 

Of course, we have that here at Fieldstone Farm. There, we let our horses graze at certain times. We also allow them to run freely or at times, we ride them around when we wish to have them trained. With that, here is a closer look at our ranch.

Our ranch

Before guiding you through our massive ranch, it is best if you know what a ranch really is and how it differs from a farm. 

Technically speaking, a ranch is a special type of farm whose focus is slate towards the care of animals. Most ranches breed cattle and sheep. In our case, we breed horses. In our ranch, we also make sure to manage our soil so that we can have green pastures within our vicinity. That way, our horses will have the freedom to graze properly. 

Although we may be focused on caring for our horses, visitors may also notice that we also have a few other animals here with us. Some of those are our beloved ranch dogs and chickens. 

Location and land area

We assure our customers that all of our horses are well-taken care of. This can be noticeable upon visiting our ranch when they have an ocular visit for their prospect horses. Given the fact that we breed and board horses, it is guaranteed that we have a massive space to make all of these possible. 

Visitors may visit us at 524494 Curry Road, Beachville. We are just located off Highway 401. This makes our place really accessible as this is just five minutes to Woodstock and 20 minutes to London. 

Our outdoor arena measures 120 x 70 but that is just one part of our total land area. Upon visiting us, you will see that we have a large fenced area that stretches wide enough to accommodate our horses. In that space, we placed clean stalls that are well-maintained by our staff. Aside from promoting cleanliness, this is also to ensure that the horses will not be exposed to viruses that may later cause infections. 

Services offered

If you’re not planning to buy a horse, then we can still accommodate you so that you will have a grasp of how it feels like to be on a ranch. With that, we made sure to offer two services so that our guests can make use of the facilities that we offer here at Fieldstone Farm. 

All of the prices that are indicated on our price list are already inclusive of hay. With that, here are some of the services that you may wish to try when you visit us. 

Outdoor board 

Price: $325

This package entitles our visitors to the full care of our horses. It also enables our guests to use most of our facilities. That way, they will have the chance to care for our horses as if it’s theirs for the day. 

Indoor board

Price: $425

This package also entitles our visitors to the full care of our horses. Unlike the other package, this one enables our guests to make use of all our facilities. This means that they would no longer have to book the arena as well as the small and quaint facility. By doing so, they will be able to further enjoy their time with our horses as they spend time with them for the day. 

Our facilities 

Given our massive land area, it is not surprising to say that we have several facilities inside our vicinity. That way, we can cater to the needs of our horses as much as we can. With that, here are some of what we have. 

Horse stable 

The most important part of our ranch is our horse stable because that is where our horses are kept safe. Inside this, our visitors will see how we ensured that each horse has its own spacious stall. That way, they can move comfortably, especially if it’s not their time to go out. 

Our staff always makes sure to clean these stalls as often as possible. That way, our horses can be healthier since they spend a lot of time inside. It is in these stables that our horses are cared for and fed. 

We made sure that our stables are well ventilated so that our horses will not be irritated with excessive heat. Also, it allows them to breathe freely even if the stable is closed during the night. It also allows them to be safe during extreme weather conditions. 


As earlier stated, we have a large arena inside our ranch. This arena is where we take our horses out for a ride. It is also where we train some of them. Training horses is a difficult thing to do because these animals are often aggressive. Given the fact that taming them is hard and making them obey basic commands is harder, it becomes understandable why trained horses are more expensive. 


We also have green pastures for our horses. Aside from feeding them inside their stalls, we also allow them to graze freely on our pastures. This is one of the reasons why we made sure that the soil of our ranch is healthy enough to promote the healthy growth of plants. 

Given the fact that we have lots of horses, we made sure to have a large space for our pastures. This is because of the fact that it is recommended for ranch owners to have about an acre or two for each horse to graze in. 

We also observe pasture rotation here in our ranch. That way, certain pastures can take their time to rest and regrow as another portion is being grazed by the horses. 

Parking area 

We also have a large parking space for our trailers and mowers. This is important to us because it helps us bring in the machinery to our facilities. With a large parking space, we can also properly load our horses or their foals once they are sold. Similarly, it is also in this space that our guests can park their vehicles. 

Ranch maintenance

We can assure you that Fieldstone Farm does it best to ensure the condition of our horses. With that, here are some of the things that we do in order to maintain the quality of our horses and of our ranch. 

Hire the best staff

We made sure to have the best ranch staff here with us. That way, we know that our facilities and our horses are all well-taken care of. We also made sure that our staff will all be accommodating so that our guests and customers will not be intimidated. Also, we made sure that these people can also work well with horses. 

Ensure the best horse condition 

Aside from having the best staff, it is highly important that we know that each one is specialized in their jobs. For example, we have several trainers, horse farriers, and veterinarians among our trusted people. That way, we can be sure that our horses are under the care of people who are knowledgeable about what they do. 

Provide the needs of the horses  

We also oversee what is needed in our facility. For example, we make sure that there is always enough supply of hay. That way, our horses will be provided with the right amount of supplementary minerals in their body. 

Follow a routine 

It is possible for us to ensure that our horses are in their best condition because we also oversee the condition of our area. With a mapped out routine, we always make sure that there is a schedule for the horses’ activities as well as the inspection of our structures and facilities. 

Implement rules 

Given the fact that we welcome guests, it is important to ensure that they will also be concerned about our horses’ welfare. By setting some standards about the proper etiquette around our horses, it becomes safer for everyone to know that our horses will not be aggressive if they are not triggered by some factors. 


Overall, there is a lot that can be experienced and enjoyed here at Fieldstone Farm. With our massive space and our wide selection of horses, it is undeniable that people will truly appreciate how we care for our horses. So, if you want to check out our horses and experience ranch life for a day, then do come and visit us!