Our Stallions

NCHA Money Earner and NCHA/NRCHA/Team Penning/Team sorting Money Producer

Frozen semen sell off – 11 straws/11 breeding certificates $2,000.

High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Doc’s Hickory
Grulla San
Smart Little Kitty Smart Little Lena
Doc’s Kitty
Dainty Lena Smart Little Lena Doc O’Lena
Smart Peppy
Dainty Oak Doc’s Oak
Dainty Fawn

NRHA Money Earner

Smart Blackbird Smart Little Lena Doc O’Lena
Smart Peppy
Badge Of Courage Peppy San Badger
Tenino Fair
TMS Miss Peppy Bay Mr Peppy Bay Mr San Peppy
Miss Dun Scooter
Play Little Senita Peppy Gene
Play Dry Senita

NCHA/NRCHA/NFQHR Money Earner – NRHA/NRCHA/Team Penning/Team Sorting Money Producer

Smart Little Lena Doc O’Lena Doc Bar
Poco Lena
Smart Peppy Peppy San
Royal Smart
Badge Of Courage Peppy San Badger Mr San Peppy
Sugar Badger
Tenino Fair Doc Bar
Fairway’s Gal

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How to Work with Stallions 

Stallions are male horses who have not been castrated as they are the ones that are used mainly for horse breeding. Naturally, stallions are herd animals. That is the reason why they often exhibit aggression towards other stallions. 

Young stallions can really be an impressive contender when it comes to horse races. However, this may only be made possible if the stallions have been trained to behave properly by their owners. Now that you know more about our stallions here at Fieldstone Farm, then we suggest that you learn more about how these horses should properly be taken care of. 

With that, here are some helpful tips on how you can manage your stallion’s behaviour. 

Have a routine 

Be consistent with the way that you handle your stallion. That way, you can make them feel comfortable. Stallions are really prone to anxiety, that is why they should really be handled properly. With that, it is best that the owners follow the same routine every day. This includes using the same handler and equipment on the same stallion. By overlooking a simple detail, they may misinterpret the intention of why they are being picked up. 

Let them breed

Stallions are easily aroused. With that, it may be best for you to let them be in their natural state even if you don’t need to breed them. It may also be nice to include breeding activities in their routine even if there isn’t a mare around. That way, it can help decrease his level of arousal. 

House them properly

Make sure that your stallions are being kept in a nice place. Also, it is best that you consider the other horses which are placed near them as it may impact their behaviour. For example, being surrounded by aggressive stallions can also make your stallion more aggressive. If you already wish to breed, then we suggest that you house your stallion near a mare so that their interest will increase. 

Teach them to obey

Train your stallion to go by your pace. Never tolerate them when they wish to drag you around in circles while you ride them. Make sure that they learn how to abide by your commands even when they’re not inside their stalls. That way, other handlers and horses can feel safe by knowing that your stallion won’t cause any harm. 

Discipline them properly

Stallions can really be hard-headed. Train them to have good manners. Make sure to not tolerate their bad behaviour. Punish them if you have to, but never go too harsh with them. If you want, you can simply put them back inside their stall until they learn how to obey you again. 

Overall, stallions are a little tough to handle but teaching them is worth it. By handling them properly, you will definitely learn how to appreciate them in different ways that are more than just having them breed horses for you.