We have grandsons and granddaughters of Peptoboonsmal and High Brow Cat. Most of our horses have High Percentage Foundation bloodlines. Most of our mares come from Texas and Oklahoma.

Horse Prices Increase With Training.

**Designer Foal Program**

We happily accept VISA and Mastercard for any purchases including our Sale Barn Horses, Breeding Fees, Mare Care and our Designer Foal Program! All sales are subject to Harmonized Sales Tax, as per provincial requirements.

2017 Foal Crop

2017 Colt AQHA
$5,500 *Sale – $4,000.

Sire: Latigo Cat
Sire’s Sire: High Brow Cat
Dam: DMAC Spoonful Ofpink
Dam’s Sire: Hes A Peptospoonful

2016 Foal Crop

2016 Colt AQHA
$6,500 *Sale – $4,500.

Sire: Mc B Sunkindawonder
Sire’s Sire: Sun Frost
Dam: TMS Cowboy Hope
Dam’s Sire: DBA Cowboy Hancock

2016 Gelding AQHA
$7,500 *Sale – $5,500.

Sire: Latigo Cat
Sire’s Sire: High Brow Cat
Dam: Boomers Lil Lady
Dam’s Sire: Boomernic

2015 Foal Crop

Cashin In With Cat
2015 Colt AQHA
$5,500 *Sale – $4,500.

Sire: Latigo Cat
Sire’s Sire: High Brow Cat
Dam: TMS Bays Peppy Cash
Dam’s Sire: Old Oaks Peppy Cash

“Gunners Huntin Bird”
2012 Gelding AQHA #5475114

Sire: Smart Blackbird
Sire’s Sire: Smart Little Lena
Dam: Gun Barbie
Dam’s Sire: Young Gun

Fieldstone Farm: The Horses for Sale

Horses are fun to raise because of their traits. Regardless of how strong they may seem, these animals are actually really loyal and fun to be with. As seen in several movies and series, horses really do have the tendency to form a deep bond with their owners. 

If you are one of those who wish to experience it, then we highly suggest that you also try to have a horse of your own. Gladly, it is here at Fieldstone Farm that we help our customers find the perfect horse for them. 

Aside from raising horses, we also breed them. With that, here are some things that you may wish to know about the horses that we have for sale.


Stallions are male horses whose main purpose is for breeding. Unlike geldings, stallions are not castrated so that they can really reproduce. Aside from their aggressive behaviour towards other stallions, one distinct characteristic of stallions is how heated they actually are. 

Stallions, in general, can also be used for horse racing, especially when they’re still young. In fact, they can be impressive when it comes to the competitive scene. Here at Fieldstone Farm, we made sure to have an amazing bloodline of horses. 

Our available horses can either be bought or bred. These horses hail from an amazing pedigree of renowned horses. We are proud to say that those we have here have also managed to make a name for themselves. With that, here are some of our stallions.

Latigo Cat

Sire: High Brow Cat | Dam: Dainty Lena 

Latigo Cat is a chestnut horse known as an NCHA money earner and an NCHA, NRCHA, Team Penning, and Team Sorting money producer. 

He is known for being one of those who have the best bloodlines in the industry. His lineage is also known for being impressive when it comes to races. Specifically, there are 8 AQHA Hall of Famers in their pedigree. Three of these are also in the NCHA Hall of Fame too. 

If you don’t want to buy Latigo Cat but want your foals to have his bloodline, then you may wish to buy his frozen semen instead. 

Chi Chic Kaboom 

Sire: Smart Blackbird | Dam: TMS Miss Peppy Bay

Chi Chic Kaboom is also one of the promising horses on our roster. He is known for being an NRHA money earner. Also, he is known for giving out an impressive performance in the first year that he was shown to other people. 

Smart Blackbird 

Sire: Smart Little Lena | Dam: Badge of Courage 

Smart Blackbird is an NCHA, NRCHA, and NFQHR money earner. He is also an NRHA, NRCHA, Team Penning, and Team Sorting money producer. Aside from that, he also has several titles and awards to his name ever since he started competing in 2005. 


We also offer broodmares on our wide selection of horses. Broodmares are female horses whose purpose is to breed horses. Mares are all capable of giving birth to foals. However, what makes broodmares unique is that they are capable of giving birth to several foals in their lifetime. 

Some people tend to choose the perfect mare for their foals so that they can share the same bloodline with them. Whether it may be their traits or their racing roots, some people just have a way of choosing the best mares to mother their foals who may later be trained as future racehorses. 

The mares that we have here at Fieldstone Farm also hails from an impressive bloodline of horses. With that, here are some of the broodmares that we have here with us. 

  • Gypsey Starlight 

Sire: Spooks Gotta Gun

Dam: Doc Tari Gypsey 

  • TMS Cowboy Hope

Sire: DBA Cowboy Hancock 

Dam: Hopes Little Kachina 

  • Miss Dual Dawn 

Sire: Mister Dual Pep

Dam: Dry Lucille 

  • DMAC Spoonful Ofpink

Sire: Hes A Peptospoonful

Dam: DMAC Miss Gun Shy

  • Shasta Dee Nic 

Sire: Reminic 

Dam: Shasta Dee Nic 

Payment methods 

Here at Fieldstone Farm, we accept different types of payment. So, regardless of whether you wish to buy our horses or simply breed with them, we can assure you that there are several options for your convenience. 

Here are some of the payment methods that we support. 

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Interac
  • e-Transfer

Choosing the gender of a horse 

The gender of a horse helps determine its behaviour and performance. Aside from their different roles when it comes to breeding, there are also several notable differences between a male and a female horse. Here are some of them.

  • Male horses, usually stallions, are more often aggressive compared to female horses.  Female horses tend to be more gentle. This is also the reason why most horse riding schools make use of female horses, especially for children. 
  • Stallions tend to be more aggressive and dangerous. They are also harder to train because their main focus is always inclined towards finding a mare that they can mate with. Although mares may have the tendency to be the same, they tend to be more controllable even though they may be more emotional.

If you really want to have a male horse, then it may be best for you to choose a gelding instead. Given the fact that they are already castrated and their hormones barely affect them anymore, then they may be the safest choice for you because they are not that easily distracted. They are also easier to train. 

  • Male horses tend to be bigger in size compared to female horses. 
  • Stallions have broader necks compared to mares. 
  • Male and female horses cannot be compared to one another when it comes to their speed. Although there may be races that are exclusive for each gender, it is undeniable that these two genders can be placed together on the field at a competitive level. 

Things to consider before buying the perfect horse

If you have already determined the gender of your desired horse, then it’s best for you to look at the other factors so that you can decide if your prospect horse is really worth it. With that, here are some things that you should consider before you buy a horse. 

Know your purpose 

Determine your purpose in buying a horse. Do you want to be an owner of a racehorse, a breeder, or just a simple owner? Regardless of the purpose you have in mind, it is best that you learn how your target horse can match your needs. That way, you will not regret buying it years after. 

Determine its age

The age of a horse is a very important factor that needs to be considered. There are a lot of differences if you are to get a young or an old horse. With that, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that you may notice upon getting a young or old horse. 

Young horses 

They can spend more time with youThey are fasterThey are more competitive They haven’t finished their training yetThey can be more stubbornThey are inexperienced

Old horses 

They are more knowledgeableThey are easier to controlThey know how to focus better because they are already trainedThey only have a limited time with youThey can be slowerThey can reproduce less

Set your budget 

Set a budget before you buy your horse. Horses can really be expensive, especially if they had already been trained or if they hail from a pedigree of racehorses. With that, make sure that the price will be worth it in the long run. 

Setting a budget doesn’t only pertain to buying the horse as it also requires you to determine the costs of meeting all the needs of a horse. So, before you buy one, make sure that you are already financially prepared for all these. 

Learn the horse’s history 

There are more things to be learned about horses aside from their race history and their pedigree. Upon buying, it is highly recommended that you also ask the seller or the breeder if your chosen horse has past medical issues which need to be dealt with. Also, you may want to ask them about the horse’s behaviour and the things that may trigger its aggression. 

Transact with a reputable breeder or seller

Horses are not items that can be easily returned once found damaged or fake. With that, we highly recommend that you check the background of your chosen breeder and seller before anything else. If you were to transact with us, we assure you that everything is legal and safe. In fact, you may even check our facilities if you want to. For your safety, we also suggest that you do the same thing even if you are not transacting with us. 


There are a lot of horses that are available for sale and for breeding here at Fieldstone Farm. With that, we highly suggest that you visit us to check if we have the perfect horse for you!