Fieldstone Farm Designer Foal Program

Our breeding program strives for excellence on all levels, and now we have gone one step further!

Introducing the Fieldstone Farm Designer Foal Program! Here is a great opportunity to obtain successful genetics without the high cost of purchasing the mare and the risk of breeding. This option allows you, the buyer, to preview and choose from our top quality herd, which of our outstanding Stallions to breed to your choice of high quality Fieldstone Farm Broodmares!

We believe strong genetics show through in the progeny of a horse. In selecting our horses, we picked the genes and the bloodlines from our research, then the individuals from their performance, conformation and get.

We handle everything, for a fraction of what it would cost you to have the mare at your farm or facility! We place the mare in our year-round Mare Care Program, complete care is provided including foaling! After weaning, you make arrangements to pick up your Designer Foal!

Payment plans are available and reserved foals can be paid for in a convenient installment plan over 14 months, essentially from breeding until weaning. We have various payment plans available we work with you to see what works for you! We provide our live foal guarantee and outline your expenses well in advance and you are only left to wonder about whether it will be a filly or a colt!

Fieldstone Farm breeding stock is selected from some of the finest proven bloodlines and it shows! Our horses were hand picked for their individual characteristics that they pass on to their foals. With the mares and stallions at Fieldstone Farm to choose from, you know you will get a quality foal!

Our Stallions are enrolled and participating in many Programs and Incentive Funds, your Designer Foal will benefit from our dedication to perfection!

The Stallions’ breeding fees and Fieldstone Farm Broodmare fees are individualized, allowing you to choose according to your foal requirements and your investment budget……it’s all about your Designer Foal through “Our Stallions, Our Mares…Your Choice”!

Our Fieldstone Farm Designer Foal Program is for those who would love to have their own tailored foal but don’t want to breed and foal out a mare. We feel this opportunity allows everyone the chance to breed and own their own foal without the concerns of actually breeding, feeding and caring for the mare during gestation, lactation and foaling the mare out.

We work with you and for you! In our Fieldstone Farm Designer Foal Program your have your choice of Fieldstone Farm Broodmares combined with any Fieldstone Farm Stallions, it is all about your Designer Foal!

So if your standards are as high as ours, call us, and let us help design your next winner!

We happily accept VISA and Mastercard for any purchases including our Sale Barn Horses, Breeding Fees, Mare Care and our Designer Foal Program!