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“Gypsey Starlight”

Sire: Spooks Gotta Gun
     Sire’s Sire: Grays Starlight
Dam: Doc Tari Gypsey
    Dam’s Sire: Tari String

“TMS Cowboy Hope”

Sire: DBA Cowboy Hancock
     Sire’s Sire: Hancocks Blue Boy
Dam: Hopes Little Kachina
    Dam’s Sire: Chip O Zeb

“Miss Dual Dawn”
Offered for sale

Sire: Mister Dual Pep
     Sire’s Sire: Peppy San Badger
Dam: Dry Lucille
    Dam’s Sire: Dry Doc

“DMAC Spoonful Ofpink”

Sire: Hes A Peptospoonful
     Sire’s Sire: Peptoboonsmal
Dam: DMAC Miss Gun Shy
    Dam’s Sire: Young Gun

“Shasta Dee Nic”

Sire: Reminic
     Sire’s Sire: Doc’s Remedy
Dam: Shasta Dee Bar
    Dam’s Sire: Doc’s Dee Bar

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How to Take Care of Broodmares

Broodmares are the female horses that are mainly kept for breeding. Although they can also be used in racetracks, their most remarkable function for horse handlers is their capability of breeding more horses. 

There are many factors when choosing a broodmare for breeding. With that, we made sure that we have a handful of choices here at Fieldstone Farm. By checking out our list of horses, our customers are given the option to choose the one that best suits their preference. That way, they can determine which mare they would want to mother their racehorses. 

So, if you are curious about broodmares are taken care of, then make sure to know these things!

Bring them to farriers 

In order to ensure the condition of your mares, make sure to have their hooves regularly trimmed by farriers. That way, they can keep standing on their knees sturdily. Considering that horse feet work as a shock absorber, it is no doubt that having their hooves trimmed will make them more confident as they move. It also makes them more comfortable, especially when they are pregnant. 

Know your mares

Before you buy your own mare, it is a must that you first learn more about their history. Aside from knowing their racing history and their physical attributes, it is also important to know about the health history of a mare. That way, you will know how to address any of her health issues. Aside from that, it also makes you learn more about what it mostly needs when she’s pregnant. 

Have it regularly checked

Before you have her bred, make sure to evaluate her condition. Observe her heat cycles and her overall body condition. Prior to the breeding season, make sure that her reproductive parts have no infection. 

Once your mare gets impregnated, make sure to always have her checked by a veterinarian so that both conditions of the broodmare and of the foal can thoroughly be monitored. 

Let it take a break

Not all mares are capable of being broodmares. However, broodmares also need to be taken care of. Given the fact that they are capable of delivering fails to their handlers, their bodies should also need to take some time so that they can recuperate after giving birth. 

Set its limits

Make sure to not overwork your broodmares. The entire process of carrying foals and mothering them is exhausting, even for this type of horse. With that, we highly suggest that you determine a certain age for them to be retired. That way, you can guarantee that these horses will only be able to produce you with great quality horses. 

Overall, broodmares are amazing to have because they are already proven to have the ability to deliver several foals. With that, it is a must that you learn how to take care of these broodmares just as much as how you take care of their offspring.