Fieldstone Farm: A guide on the different types of horses for beginners

Fieldstone Farm: A guide on the different types of horses for beginners

Horseback riding is a great recreational activity that can let you enjoy a peaceful moment with nature. Although this can also be a competitive sport for others, it can serve as a good escape from your usual routines. 

Learning more about horses is a good way of delving deeper into this field, whether you are a beginner or an expert. On that note, Fieldstone Farm is here to guide you through the different breeds of horses. 

Get to know about the most popular kinds which are fit for novices in horseback riding. Check them out now!

  • Morgan Horse

A popular breed for beginners is the Morgan horse. They are known to be kind and courageous which can suit a new rider quite well. 

With their muscular and sturdy figure, they have a fit body that has no health complications. Usually, they have a bay, black and chestnut colouring with a lustrous black mane and tail. 

  • Icelandic Horse 

If you prefer a shorter stallion, you can try riding on an Icelandic horse. This is a type of breed that is suitable for those who find the big horses to be quite intimidating and would prefer a smaller one which can suit their height. 

They can stand harsh weathers and can move quite fast for a good and comfortable ride. 

  • American Quarter Horse 

The American Quarter Horse is well known for its agility, docility and athleticism. They are also commonly found around the world. This is a great horse breed for those who are starting their horseback riding journey. 

With their calm nature, they can give you a smooth and peaceful ride. 

  • Appaloosa

A colourful and spotted horse breed is called the Appaloosa. Apart from its eye-catching coat pattern, it has mottled skin and striped hooves. They are said to be a mix of the thoroughbred, American quarter horse and Arabian. 

It is a unique looking horse that is fit for any style of riding such as long-distance trail riding, pleasure riding and more. 

  • Arabian

Arabian is the oldest horse breed around the world. Its lineage was noted to go as far back as 3000 B.C. A spirited horse that may be challenging for beginners since they tend to move around a lot, but they are loving and loyal. 

They are perfect for those who are looking for a run riding experience. Notable physical characteristics are its lithe and compact body and wedge-shaped head. It has a short back with sloping shoulders but powerful hindquarters.  

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